Basic Yoga

Includes the most common basic key poses of yoga, focusing on safe alignment and building strength and flexibility.

Advanced Flow

Connect breath and movement in a dynamic class designed with flow sequences and held postures with more challenging options (for students who wish to take their practice deeper)


A gentle practice consisting of passive seated postures with long holds and conscious breathing focusing on the deep layers of the body's nervous system. A blend of release and relaxation.

Flow & Yin

Flow & Yin - Slow movements with steady breathing. Poses are general, but focuses on the flow when moving from pose to pose. Then go deeper and experience extended holds to stretch connective tissue and joints with meditative breathing to help reduce stress, increase stamina, and boost mobility.

We are not professional health care providers. Meditation, yoga, and coaching are not to take place for any instructions provided by your doctor. Please contact your doctor and/or physician first.